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Imetame Industrial Terminal is a project managed by Imetame Logística that comprises the licensing and construction of a private terminal. The project may provide conditions for mooring oil rigs in order to provide maintenance or upgrades, as well as for operating like a basis to support offshore operations. Furthermore, both rigs and vessels may receive equipments fabricated by Imetame Metalmecânica.

The future terminal is going to be located in the district of Barra do Riacho, just on the coast of Aracruz.

Imetame Industrial Terminal is currently under environmental licensing process, the construction is scheduled to start upon obtaining of the proper approvals.

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Imetame Logística
Telephone: +55 27 3256-3030
Rodovia Demócrito Moreira, 643 - Bairro De Fátima
29192-243 – Aracruz – ES

Rodovia Demócrito Moreira, 643, Bairro de Fátima, Aracruz/ES - CEP: 29.192-243
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