In 1980 Imetame Metalmecânica started its activities in a 50m² shed due to the entrepreneurship of a young lathe operator named Etore Selvatici Cavallieri. With technical education from Senai, (a qualification school sponsored by the Federation of Industries), Etore had worked at Aracruz Florestal and identified an opportunity with the extra machining and welding services that  Aracruz Florestal  used to hire from other companies.

This way, Etore and a friend joined their knowledge to start up their own company and overcome with determination and the challenges of limited resources. However, still in the beginning, the society was undone due to health reasons and Etore continued the project aiming to pursue his dream of having his own business.

The first great opportunity was offered in 2011 by former Aracruz Celulose towards expansion of their “C Plant“. Being an initial incentive, this important project has opened doors and introduced Imetame to many partners in other projects that came next.

Nowadays, Imetame Group employs over 3,500 people, operates all over the country, and its headquarter is located in an area of 131,300m². Besides Imetame Metalmecânica, there is Imetame Group which is comprised also by the following companies:  Imetame Energia, Imetame Granitos, Imetame Logística, Imetame Agropecuária and Imetame Látex each one performing in specific business segments.

Rodovia Demócrito Moreira, 643, Bairro de Fátima, Aracruz/ES - CEP: 29.192-243
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