Sistema de Gestão Integrada

Integrated Management System
In pursuit of continuous evolution, with a focus on simplicity, quality and respect for the environment, Imetame has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, adopting good practices for valuing life (OHSAS 18001).
Integrated Management Policy
The Integrated Management Policy is properly aligned with the Vision, Mission and Values of the company
• Imetame Way To Be (Code of Values)
• Code of Ethics and Conduc

Ombuds Office
Through the Ombuds Office Channel, it is possible to resolve issues related to Imetame's Code of Ethics and Conduct. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information, preserving the identity of the people and contributing to a harmonious environment for all.
Communication channels:
Telephone: +55 (27) 3256-3030
Direct communication: Coordinator of the Communication Team
Contribute to people achieving dreams, making the world a better place.
Spirituality: we feel the power of God and awaken the awareness of love in people.
Gratitude: we are grateful to God, we are blessed.
Justice: we are honest and coherent with our thoughts, words and actions.
Loyalty: We are loyal to our partners, customers, suppliers and society.
Simplicity: we act based on simple and quick practices.
Humility: services where we are and allow ourselves to evolve.
Perpetuate the leadership and the Imetame Way To Be through the generations.

Turn opportunities into abundance of prosperity.

Integrated Management Policy  
We contribute to the better world by promoting a vision of a conscious future and a fulfillment of dreams, involving and satisfying customers, suppliers and society with differentiated people management, based on simple, creative, true and blessed practices

  We develop conscious actions for the valuing of life.
  We respect and preserve the environment by creating sustainable solutions;
  We act to exceed our customers' expectations;
  We act in accordance with the legislation;
  We promote continuous evolution of the management;
  We exist as a reference for profitable and conscious organization;
  We celebrate gratitude to God and people;
  We value loyalty and honesty.

Opportunities for transformation in abundance of prosperity.
Opportunities for transformation in abundance of prosperity.
Rodovia Demócrito Moreira, 643, Bairro de Fátima, Aracruz/ES - CEP: 29.192-243
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