People Development

The appreciation and respect to the employees are the main values ??of Imetame culture. The company is commitment to people’s wellbeing, seeking to provide a professional environment of harmony and motivation.

For believing  and investing in personal and professional development of its team, Imetame has programs dedicated especially  for the improvement of employees.

People  Development
Relies on the professional and personal development of employees through individual assistance, in groups, constant feedback and monitoring daily activities.

Leadership Development
Identifies and trains employees with leadership profile for providing an opportunity of professional growth within the company.

Evolution and Recognition
Employees’ professional development is evaluated every three months and is recognized differently at Imetame. Employees choose a special person in their lives to be "indicated" to receive an award that may be an amount from one to six times the employee’s wage, according to the evaluation result.

In addition to the constant technical training, Imetame provides training directed to the strengthening of self-knowledge and self-esteem.

Welding Training
Provides opportunity for vocational training and retraining people in the community. The workshops “Ligeirinho“  and “Se Vira nos 15" teach techniques of heating and welding, respectively, through theory and practice classes.

Rodovia Demócrito Moreira, 643, Bairro de Fátima, Aracruz/ES - CEP: 29.192-243
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